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Do something joyful on your Sunday morning!

We invite anyone in LA on a Sunday to join us for a community gathering and singalong with live band and choir - fun for all ages!

Come enjoy beautiful arrangements of popular hits, folk, Americana, and feel-good songs that inspire peace, hope, and community. Bob Marly, The Beatles, Aretha, John Denver, Bob Dylan, etc...(it's always a great mix!)

If you think your organization or company might like to experience these events, please be sure to CONTACT US for more information! 


Postponed due to Covid-19



Q: Do I need a ticket?

A: Yes. Space is limited and the event will fill up very quickly!

Q: How much does each ticket cost?

A: Each adult is $20, and each child $15. If you are not able to pay this at this time, we also offer a "pay what you can" donation option. A share of everything we collect will go directly to support Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services.

Q: Are there minimum age requirements to enter the event?

A: Nope! Bring your kids of any age! (Under 18 must be accompanied by a guardian)

Q: Will I have to sing in front of anyone?

A: We encourage everyone to sing along with the group, but there's no pressure! Simply listening and enjoying is A-OK. No one will ever be asked to sing alone.

Q: What time does the event actually start?

A: Show up at 10:30am to grab refreshments, meet some new friends, and find a seat. The musical program will begin at 11am.

Q: Is this a religious event?

A: It is not. We have nothing against religion! This, however, is simply a secular, musical community gathering! A good old-fashioned, positively joyful singalong with a live band!

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