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LANDLIGHTS Community Choir is a unique community choir for people of all singing abilities. Based in central Los Angeles, LCC has been revolutionizing the choir experience for 10 joyful seasons:

NO AUDITIONS. All Popular Music taught by ear!

Each season consists of 8 fun ninety-minute, weekly rehearsals and then a full concert rehearsal and performance with live band and guest soloists! 

Led by renowned voice educator, Greg Delson, LCC provides an amazing opportunity to grow as a singer, learn new techniques, and put them to use right away in rehearsals and performances.

Plus, all members receive discounts on online and private lessons. Everyone is welcome, from complete beginners to pros! (4)_edited.png

In addition to the singing and learning opportunities, joining LCC is a fantastic way to make a whole bunch of new, like-minded friends. Come find your L.A. family! Beyond weekly rehearsals and performances, there will be additional fun, social and bonding activities.


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Do I need to audition?

There are no auditions for LCC. We are an open community choir, so all we ask for is an interest in singing, a willingness to try, and a positive attitude! All choir singers will also be asked to sign our community guidelines which includes our core value of never shaming any other singer. We are a supportive, joyful, encouraging community.

What if I've never sung in a choir before?

This choir was created for ALL to participate. There is a true mix of all singing abilities and experiences: complete beginners, hobby singers, and pros! Everyone is welcome, and the rehearsals are fun and casual, with all singing tailored to meet you at your individual level of skill and ability. We learn by ear, so there is never any sheet music.

What if I can't make some of the rehearsals?
That's totally cool! There are no attendance requirements if you do not plan to perform in the concert. The journey is the destination! =) And if you do plan to perform in the concert, the special technical /
band rehearsal on Tues. Mar. 19 is the only mandatory rehearsal. We just ask if you miss a rehearsal, to learn what was taught by listening to the the practice audio files which are posted to a shared Dropbox folder after each rehearsal.

What if I'm away on the date of the concert?
That's also cool! The journey is the destination! The concert is just a bonus =)

What if I can't afford the membership?
We've priced the registration in consideration of all it requires to run a rewarding experience for a large group, and our registration fee is on the low end when it comes to similar groups and memberships. We understand that everyone has their own unique financial situation. If you are experiencing a financial hardship, email us and we can discuss how you can apply for a partial scholarship or payment solution that enables you to join.

Can my child or pet join or participate?
This choir and all rehearsals are for adults humans only (18+). 

Where are rehearsals?

Rehearsals are typically near La Cienega & Olympic/Pico Blvds (just south of Beverly Hills). We have members from all over LA and Orange Counties, so we do our best to be central. It's only 9 weeks, and some things are worth driving for =) *Please note: Rehearsal location is subject to change at any time.

What are the COVID protocols?

Following the current local and state guidance, as well as the CDC, all singers will be welcome to rehearsals as long as they are free of any symptoms and have not recently tested positive or had a known exposure.

What is the refund policy?

We understand that plans change, work gets busy, things happen. If you have registered but then become unable to participate, and you let us know BEFORE the season begins, you may roll your registration into the next season (if there is one). Once the season begins, you are welcome to participate in all rehearsals, even if you have missed quite a few; however, there will be no refunds or rollovers at that point.

Next Season: Fall 2024 - begins in Sep.

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