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TUES, NOV 30, 7pm PST

The details:

  • One time, 90 min song-sharing session on Zoom

  • Taught live by Daniel Capellaro and Greg Delson

  • Get valuable feedback on your songwriting

  • Acquire tips and tricks to take a song to the next level

  • Gain confidence in a supportive environment

  • All levels welcome - from Pro to Beginner


How will I share my song?

Specific instructions will be sent upon registering; however, you will be submitting an audio recording of your song (or portion of your song). This can be as simple as singing onto a voice memo, or having a friend sing it for you. It can also be something you have created in Garage Band, Logic, or any other DAW.

Is there an age minimum?

All participants must be 18 or older.

What if my song isn't "finished" yet?

Even better! The point of this session is to gain skills, ideas, and tricks to take a song to the next level, so the less "finished" a song, the easier it will be to incorporate the feedback and experiment later. 

Are there refunds or prorated tuitions?

We are limiting the number of participants to create a nurturing community environment. For that reason, there will be no refunds or prorated reg fees.

Is this a live class?

Yes! We will be on Zoom live, in a very small, intimate group. You will have two instructors giving feedback.

Will the other participants judge my song?

No. No one will be judging your song as "good or bad" -- instead, the two instructors will be providing you feedback in the form of ideas, suggestions, things to try, etc. The other songwriters are encouraged to share only positive reactions via the chat feature.

What do I do when it's not my turn to share?

This is actually where so much of the learning takes place! Hearing other songwriters receive feedback on their songs allows you to gain so many new tips, ideas, and learning opportunities. Some participants actually express that they learn more from observing the feedback process than when it's their time to share their own work.

Your Coaches


Daniel Capellaro


A 20-year veteran singer-songwriter and producer, Daniel has co-written songs for Pitbull, Chris Brown, Boyz II Men, Lifehouse, and Maxwell. He has his own solo pop project Dvniel from which he’s released dozens of singles and albums.  His music has been synched on television shows and commercials internationally and he has charted in the top 10 on dance charts and on various radio stations around the world. Daniel collaborates with DJs and Producers internationally, and is signed globally to Angry Mob Music Publishing in Los Angeles, CA.  (instagram)


Greg Delson


Greg has been singing and songwriting for over two decades, and has earned multiple advanced and postgraduate degrees in music, music education, recording engineering, and vocal pedagogy. Greg has a robust private clientele, coaching everyone from GRAMMY award winners to beginners. He has released several albums through various collaborative and solo projects, toured extensively, and charted internationally. Greg is also the founder of the Landlights Center for Voice, and the Landlights Community choir in LA.  (Instagram)

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