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A once monthly, 4-part series of music and friends.

Like a book club meets house concert, but where everyone sing together! Let's enjoy some great songs together, make new friends, gain greater control and power of our voices, and just have fun! The overall programming will be tailored to the wishes of the group. These can be anywhere - not just LA! 

If you think your group of friends might like to experience these events, click the button below to tell us about it!


Q: What if I think my voice is terrible?

A: Singing is just a skill and we are all at different levels of skill. Think of it like yoga -- would you never take a yoga class just because you couldn't do an advanced headstand yet? This experience is meant to remove the fear around singing and realize how simple, freeing, and fun community music making can be!

Q: What if I can't make all 4 sessions?

A: We are asking everyone to try to commit to the whole series so that we can all grow into this as a group. That being said, it is understandable if you need to miss a session (or two).

Q: Will I have to sing alone?

A: No one will have to sing alone. However, you may be encouraged to if you feel comfortable.

Q: Can I just come and hang out but not participate?

A: I ask that everyone who comes to be ready to participate so that the community remains a safe space, where we all feel comfortable letting loose amongst others doing the same.

Q: Can I bring my kid(s)?

A: This is an adults-only event!

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