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LANDLIGHTS Instant Choir is a unique event that is fun for people and groups of all backgrounds, ages, singing abilities, and relationships. We have run Instant Choir events for companies, charities, private organizations, and they also work great for birthday parties, conference ice-breakers, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, and more!
LANDLIGHTS also hosts our own Instant Choir events that are open to the public!

How it works is we take any group of people, (and most of the time people with ZERO formal singing experience), and in less than 90 minutes, we turn them into an awesome choir, teaching them about their voice and giving some great tips along the way! 

Research has shown that group singing creates wonderful positive effects on our health, stress levels, immune system, and is one of the fastest and strongest ways to promote group bonding.

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If you think your organization or company might like to experience of these events, please be sure to CONTACT US for more information! If you'd like to join us at one of our public events, sign up for our MAILING LIST to be notified of the next one in your area (most are in LA or SF).

Watch the final results of some recent LANDLIGHTS Instant Choirs Events:

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