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Greg Delson, the LANDLIGHTS Center for Voice founder and head instructor, has been performing, researching, mastering and teaching vocals for over two decades. Greg received his BA in Music from UC Berkeley, his Masters of Music in Music Education from Boston University, and the 3-year Singing Teacher's Diploma from the Complete Vocal Institute in Copenhagen, Denmark.  He believes and has proven that everyone can sing. Coining the phrase, "Singing is not a talent, it's a skill," Greg focuses on vocal pedagogy with the same philosophy that one would use to teach any other craft: with the right coaching, technique,

practice and time, anyone can master anything. Greg teaches everyone from GRAMMY award winners to beginners. In addition to teaching, he has recorded and toured for years with various bands, collectives and music projects, and brings his experience as an active working professional into his sessions. Greg is also currently researching the many psychological and physiological benefits that come from singing, group singing and music performance in general.

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