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A big part of choir is singing! Greg has created multiple ways for you to improve your vocal skills before the season, during it, and for life!


The bundles at the bottom of the page have been discounted heavily so that you can enjoy them, and they are of course 100% optional

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LCC Spring '24 Early Bird Registration

Membership includes 8 weekly rehearsals,

a special full-band rehearsal, and a big concert. Early Bird Discount ends Dec 26!

Early Bird Reg: $289 | Full Reg. Price:  $299

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Greg's Life-Changing Singing Course

Learn singing technique from Greg's online video course at your own pace! Improve your range, volume, vocal health, freedom + consistency! 

Lifetime access, livestream Q&As, and more!

Choir Member Special: $99 | Retail Price.: $399

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Personalized Online Vocal Assessment

Identify growth opportunities in your volume, range, and tone through a series of vocal diagnostics.

Receive personalized feedback and video assessment from Greg, with roadmap to reach your vocal goals.

Choir Member Special: $79  | Retail Price.: $99

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